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As a leadership team, we view ourselves as advocates of the company’s values embodied in our Non-Negotiables. Embracing that responsibility requires us to foster a culture where the work our people do, the way they are treated and the experiences they have support their wellbeing and help them lead fulfilling lives at Lanter®.


When we demonstrate a sincere commitment to that culture, the company and our customers receive the very best our people have to offer in return, creating a win-win outcome for everyone associated with our company. We are one team.

Leadership Development

The hallmark of any best-in-class company is its level of commitment to the never-ending growth and development of every person on the team. To that end, Lanter® is dedicated to the ongoing development of our leaders who are responsible for setting the tone, showing the way and demonstrating the best principles and practices for leadership excellence.


At the core of our leadership development program is a duty for every decision and action to be grounded in values that are shared and lived by all.  Our leaders fulfill that duty through continuous examination of our Non-Negotiables that serve as the core drivers of our culture. Those values are amplified with a defined set of related behaviors, which guide our leaders in supporting and bringing out the best in everyone on the Lanter® team.

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