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Whatever product or service a company provides, its culture is always a combination of intentional design and conditioned behavior that takes root over time without much thought going into it.  If you want to rely on everyone working on the same page together, you need a solid framework for building the culture you want and keeping it that way.

A clear picture of the destination and road ahead in our journey

Rules of the road to guide how we work with everyone associated with our company

The path and the infrastructure to get us where we’re heading

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The Road Ahead

Lanter® has an enviable record of growth over our 40-year history, and our vision and goals for the future are even more ambitious. We plan to get there by continuing to deliver on our commitments, doing what we say we will do with integrity, and maintaining our reputation as the preeminent transportation and logistics provider in the important business sector we serve.

Rules of the Road

We are guided in our journey by the values expressed in our Non-Negotiables along with a defined set of behaviors that exemplify those values. While the words in our values are important, it is the actions in our behaviors that truly define our culture. Our focus on those values and behaviors starts with people. We don’t talk about who comes first or who comes second at Lanter®️. If a decision or an action being considered doesn’t serve the common interests of all our stakeholders inside and outside the company, we don’t do it. We are one team, and we believe we achieve more together by collaboration and consensus, being inclusive and making sure that people have input onto the team. We Like to work together to accomplish our goals! When it comes to our team members, our constant aim is to create a high-performance culture of trust where people can grow, thrive, do their best work and be their best selves. We want people to be fearless, and understand that we never fail, we only learn. When they stumble, we don’t use accountability as a club to punish poor performance and beat people down. We use it as a ladder to help people climb up to their potential and deliver on their promises. Leadership development is a pillar we are deeply invested in.

The Path

Vision and values can lapse into nice empty words without clearly defined processes, rituals and routines to make them real and reliable in day-to-day operations. We strive to stay true to that principle by avoiding the trap of tempting diversions and quick fixes that come and go with little impact and often leave people frustrated. We also make sure we don’t get stuck in old ways of doing things. That comes from our passion to serve and going the extra mile to provide exceptional service to our customers and to each other. Continuous improvement is a big priority for us, and we are always looking at how to serve and do things better than before.


In a word, the Lanter® workplace is dynamic. Something new is happening all the time, and we have a vibrant problem-solving environment to tackle whatever comes our way. We are disciplined, but not stuffy. We have lots of super smart people who know their stuff, and who are also very casual about it. We’re not a team that draw attention to ourselves, or a workplace where arrogance is accepted. That creates an atmosphere of humble confidence, recognizing that even though we are experts at what we do, we never assume we know everything. Opportunities for growth and development are plentiful, and they don’t follow a narrow linear path. People have ample leeway to do their own thing and explore an array of career options. Getting ahead doesn’t depend as much on a person’s education as the quality of their performance, their dedication to our Non-Negotiables and their potential for taking on greater responsibilities. Our commitment to the wellbeing of our team is both professional and personal. Based on the principle that “charity begins at home,” our LDS Cares program supports team members in a way that goes beyond traditional benefits. It provides critically needed assistance to team members and their families who find themselves facing severe and unexpected hardship.


While the people who thrive in the Lanter® culture come from diverse backgrounds, they share common traits that make them a good fit for our business and a good bet for a successful career with our company. It starts with an appreciation for two main drivers for our culture: •The importance of the work we do as a vital cog in our country’s supply chain, supporting countless people nationwide who rely on us to deliver the goods every day. •A devotion to the values in our Non-Negotiables, the heart of our culture that guides the decisions we make and actions we take in serving everyone affiliated with our company inside and out. Other qualities that personify a Lanter®️ team member – ability to collaborate and work well with a team … curious and fearless about taking risks … professional, but not formal … energized by a fast-pace changing environment that can sometimes be messy, yet always purposeful. They also appreciate the value of being open, honest and respectful, saying what has to be said in a tactful, courteous way.

We see a bright future on the road before us, and we are looking forward to bringing our proven solutions to many new industries. We will continue to build long lasting relationships as we push ahead and live by the culture embodied in our Non-Negotiables.

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