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Steve Slightom

Vice President, Account Management 

Steve Slightom.png

Current Role and Professional Experience

Steve joined Lanter® a little over a year out of college in 1993 as a District Operations Manager.  He spent his first 20 years in Operations and the past nine years on the customer side, becoming Vice President of Account Management in 2019.

What makes Lanter® special

"It was never my intention to be in the logistics field, but I’m thankful every day that this is where I ended up. It has always started with the people and culture at Lanter®️.  We work hard collectively, and that hard work has resulted in many years of success."


What’s important to me

“My word.  If I commit to something, I’m going to do my part to help see it through.  As an organization, our word is as good as any contract that we have with a customer.  If we say that we will do something, we will.


I’m passionate about executing for our customers and delivering the results they expect.  Having been at Lanter® for a number of years, I am very involved with many customers and really enjoy the working relationships that have been established throughout that time.”



Steve earned a B.S. degree from Eastern Illinois University.

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