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Service Offerings

Lanter® offers different delivery options to accommodate your distribution requirements – all designed to ensure your freight gets delivered where you need it right on schedule.

> Night Unattended Delivery

> Scheduled LTL (less than a truckload)

> Pool Distribution

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Night Unattended Delivery

This is Lanter’s® core service offering where we arrange for the pick-up of your shipments from a regionalized Parts Distribution Center in the afternoon and arrange for delivery of that freight to your dealership or branch locations next day, before the start of business. These parts range from stock order to emergency freight and are transported throughout our extensive nationwide network. Deliveries are able to be made unattended by drivers in our network being granted access to a designated delivery area at the branch or dealer facility. 

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Client Benefits:

  • Customers are able to reduce the cost of freight they need to keep onsite at their branch location with next day, before the start of business delivery for any parts order placed in the morning to early afternoon prior to cutoff time.

  • End-to-end scanning provides the ability to track freight throughout the network with complete visibility of the shipment from start of process to delivery.

  • Our Centralized Customer Service Department provides proactive alerts for all delivery delays.

  • Our Account Management team gives our customers the ability to have a dedicated LDS team member for your business where we collaborate on daily operation initiatives, short & long-term strategic objectives, and  opportunities.

  • Our ability to cover wide geographic regions eliminates the need for our customers to open additional PDCs.

  • Returnable containers and reverse logistics are also a part of this service, which improves the return flow of parts and customer assets back to the PDC sites.

Scheduled LTL

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Lanter’s® scheduled LTL (less than truckload) service provides your company with a daily scheduled delivery cadence going to your dealerships, stores, or branches at a precisely set time. We arrange a wide variety of delivery services such as direct store, front-door, lift-gate, cross-docking, and more.

Client Benefits:

  • Scheduled deliveries that provide your company with delivery consistency

  • A customized design based on your business requirements

  • Cutting-edge transportation technology that provides end-to-end visibility with your shipments and deliveries

  • Proactive communication from Customer Service on late deliveries or delays

  • Reusable containers to reduce material handling costs

  • Simplified per-pallet or per-stop pricing

Retail Pool Distribution:

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Pool Distribution takes LTL shipments and combines them on fewer trucks, taking these shipments to a terminal where the products are sorted and reloaded.  This day or night freight transportation solution allows high volume shippers to “pool” freight travelling to multiple destinations in full truckload quantities. These truckloads are received at one of our many hub facilities where the freight is “cross-docked” onto final-mile delivery trucks. Our nationwide facilities are strategically located to fully service the US market on a “next day” delivery schedule.

Client Benefits:

  • Truckload linehauls direct to LDS hubs nationwide

  • Complete deconsolidation and sort & segregate capabilities

  • Shipment visibility end-to-end

  • Precise delivery appointments to consignees with confirmation of shipment integrity

  • Seasonal flexibility and planning

  • Simplified per-carton, per-pallet or per-stop pricing

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