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What is
LDS Cares?

LDS Cares is a program offered by Lanter Delivery Systems® for the purpose of providing critically needed financial support to members of the Lanter community who are faced with severe and unexpected hardship.

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LDS Cares, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,  is the embodiment of one of the Lanter® Non-Negotiables, “We are One Team”. Financial assistance is available to all employees of a Lanter® Entity (defined as Lanter Delivery Systems, LLC®, its affiliates, parent, and subsidiaries.) 


The program is also available to others who collaborate to achieve our business goals and serve our customers. This may include contract workers, temporary staff, and personnel at our various vendors and suppliers, who embrace and exemplify the values in our Non-Negotiables.



Please complete the Application for Assistance form, and direct all questions to the Fund Administrator via email at

Helping people in the Lanter® community that we know and love in their time of need. Watch the video to see how Lanter is making a difference in the community! 

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