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If you are looking for fast, reliable delivery of parts and materials anywhere in continental United States, working with Lanter Delivery Systems® could be one the best business decisions you’ve ever made.

How we do it logistics Rev.png
Our logistics system gives us tremendous flexibility and efficiency when crafting a custom solution for our clients 

​Here’s why!


  • Lanter’s® network spans 48 states, with approximately 90 hubs and forward cross-docks, making over 13,000 stops every night, Monday through Saturday.

  • We arrange overnight delivery to your stores, dealers, or branches prior to the start of your next business day without anyone needing to receive the product on your end.

  • We develop a customized, detailed delivery plan to ensure that we meet your specific needs and align with your safety and security standards through our network.

  • Our advanced planning software provides optimal routing solutions tailored to your network.

  • With our daily flat rate per stop model, we eliminate the need to manually audit weekly invoices for correct pieces and weight, removing the possibility of overcharging and simplifying the claims process.

  • We have an enviable track record of 98% on-time delivery.

Bottom-line, Lanter® offers the best value compared to any other modes of ground transportation!

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