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It began with one guy, a truck, and a passion to create a better experience for transportation needs that was greater than what the market was offering.

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The challenge in the 1980's was creating a guaranteed next day service for small package delivery. Lanter® played aggressively and successfully in that space until it became a purely price- driven marketplace, dominated by a handful of extremely large corporate players. By the end of that decade, we decided it was time to find a new approach for growing our business.


The opportunity we were looking for opened up in 1995, when Lanter® was approached by one of the nation’s largest agricultural manufacturers. They were looking to solve a complex logistics problem that their current provider wasn’t addressing. Lanter’s® team of experts went to work, and the overnight, unattended delivery solution was born.  We rapidly created a distribution network that guaranteed the overnight delivery of parts by 8:00 A.M. After a successful launch, the program expanded to Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, NE regions and beyond.


The overnight, unattended delivery solution spawned what has become known as the Lanter® Shared Network. This is a logistics system that gives us tremendous flexibility and efficiency when crafting a custom solution for our clients. It allows the use of both dedicated and shared services to exceed client expectations and increase productivity.


In the late 1990’s, we brought this proven, road-tested solution to the auto industry. Our success in that field has established Lanter® as a premier overnight, unattended delivery solution provider in the transportation and logistics industry.

Lanter Delivery Systems® is the classic American business story. Starting in 1981 with one man and truck, we have grown to become a major player in the country’s supply chain serving businesses nationwide.

Lanter History
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Today, our business demands efficiencies in cost and logistics combined with unmatched quality and reliability.

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Lanter’s® strategic, process-driven approach has been embraced by the marketplace, and it is setting new service standards for the automotive, agricultural, heavy industrial, and heavy trucking industries.

We now have a nationwide footprint, operating in every state throughout the continental U.S., and there’s no place we can’t go to meet the logistical needs of virtually any type of business.  That achievement is a tribute to the value we prize above all else – building deep, enduring relationships with our Lanter team and our customers.

We see a bright future on the road before us, and we are looking forward to bringing our proven solutions to many new industries. We will continue to build long lasting relationships as we push ahead and live by the culture embodied in our Non-Negotiables.

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