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Troy Narron


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Current Role and Professional Experience

After a stint in the Army, Troy embarked on a 25-year career in transportation logistics, working initially with FedEx and UPS. In 2015, he moved to XPO Logistics, spending five years as Senior Vice President of the Last Mile segment of their business.


Troy came to Lanter® in 2020 as Vice President of Operations, and in 2022 he was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

What makes Lanter® special

“Lanter’s® culture sets us apart in so many ways. Our people’s can-do attitude permeates through the organization from the top down. I’m so appreciative and thankful to be part of this team.


I believe great culture is the number one most important thing. This place and these people are the best of the best, and we truly live our company Non-Negotiable values daily.”


What's important to me 

“Getting buy-in from a team comes from the trust that’s built by being present and having your people’s back. You must Listen with an intent to understand and show empathy rather than just to respond. Nobody cares what someone has to say until they have earned trust. Great Leaders lead with intentional actions


Stretch goals are important to get folks out of their comfort zones. It’s a great thing to see a team achieve what they perceive as impossible, and I have a special passion for developing and mentoring young leaders.”



Troy earned a B.A. degree in Business with a concentration in Operations Management from Innova University.

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