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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we deliver?

Lanter Delivery Systems arranges for overnight, unattended delivery of emergency parts, time sensitive freight, and inventory replenishment at over 11,000 stops every night. We deliver the following materials: agriculture equipment parts, OEM automotive parts, heavy truck industry parts, automotive aftermarket parts and products, field technician parts, industrial supplies and components, and material handling parts.


What is our geographic coverage and what geographic limitations do we have?

Lanter’s network spans 48 states, operates from approximately 90 hubs and forward cross-docks making over 11,000 stops every night, Monday through Saturday. Please see our geographic coverage map for additional detail on our nationwide network.


What are our days of operation?

We operate Monday through Friday for arranged pickups with customers for a Tuesday through Saturday drop off day at PDC’s (Parts Distribution Centers) across the country.

What is "Overnight Unattended" service?

With over 40 years in the transportation and logistics industry, Lanter is one of the nation’s leading providers for overnight, unattended delivery of time-sensitive freight. We arrange for a regularly scheduled Monday through Friday pick-up at your Parts Distribution Center with daily scheduled Tuesday through Saturday delivery to your stores, dealers, or branches prior to the start of your business day. To best serve our customers, we put together a detailed delivery plan and ensure that we meet our customer’s needs and align with their safety and security standards.


What makes us different from our competitors?

Lanter has over 40 years of experience with overnight, unattended delivery for Fortune 50 customers.  With our shared or dedicated delivery network, experienced on-site management team, dock staff, customer service center, and project management teams, we have an enviable track record of 98% on-time delivery. Bottom-line, we offer the best value compared to other modes of ground transportation.


A key factor in that success is our advanced planning software that provides optimal routing solutions tailored to your network. We have the flexibility to develop a logistics solution that can be scaled and consistently applied throughout your operating regions across virtually any geographic area with next-day delivery prior to the start of your business day.


Does Lanter Delivery Systems provide on-site dock support for clients?

Yes, Lanter provides on-site dock support at your facility to ensure quality control tasks such as package scanning, package sorting, damage prevention, and trailer loading are provided to your standards.


How do we price and invoice for the arrangement of overnight, unattended service?

We consider factors which include those below to determine the most cost-effective rate per stop for your outbound supply chain network.

  • Shipment frequency to end point locations

  • Total number of end point locations

  • Geographic area

  • PDC release time

  • Amount of time required to unload at end point

  • Average number of pieces per shipment

  • Average cube per shipment

  • Dedicated or shared service

With our daily flat rate per stop model, we simplify and streamline your invoice by eliminating the need to manually audit weekly invoices for correct pieces and weight, removing the possibility of overcharging and simplifying the claims process. Invoices and EDI feeds can also be custom formatted with GL codes that are recognizable by your accounting systems.


Do we provide electronic tracking mechanisms for visibility of shipments/parcel statuses?

Yes, Lanter Delivery Systems uses a proprietary scanning solution to track parcels throughout their lifecycle. We offer both standard EDI and custom data feeds to our customers, their partners, and major tracking aggregation services.


What is our process to on-board a new customer?

Our process for on-boarding new clients is designed to ensure the best possible night unattended delivery solution at the lowest possible cost. We start by getting to know your business with in-depth data analysis and on-site PDC visits to obtain a complete understanding of your requirements. Leadership based on this proven process in the early stages of the solution design includes critical factors used to determine optimal routing, technology, and cost are uncovered and documented within your solution.

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