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We know it can be challenging to find a good fit between a company and a new team member. Aside from basic considerations like compensation, benefits and qualifications, we want people to feel a strong connection with the vital importance of the work we do and the values we live by.

In a nutshell, Lanter® provides transportation logistics services, recognized as the category leader in overnight delivery of critical parts and daily stock orders. We serve customers nationwide in essential industries such as automotive, agriculture, heavy industrial and heavy trucking.


If our work and our values resonate with your own interests and aspirations, we would love to have you consider joining our team.  We know you have lots of choices in today’s job market, and we are eager to show you why working at Lanter® could be the perfect choice for your career.

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We also take great pride in the values reflected in our Non-Negotiables, the heart of our culture that guides the decisions we make and actions we take to serve the needs of everyone affiliated with our company inside and out.

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